Inspired by nature and molded by summers spent with her grandmother, owner and designer, Ona Rose Pappas is passionate about bringing your dreams to life. Many of her childhood summers were spent in upstate New York, a place she remembers fondly as a wildly magnificent place full of every magical thing one child might imagine. Days were spent foraging for berries and flowers, tending a garden, going on bear hunts, and building castles of hay in the barn. Hours were spent laying in the grass seeking the elusive four leaf clover and creating creatures in the clouds. Summers always seemed to bittersweetly end so quickly and it was always the following summer that she craved the return to her magical place.

As years passed and she grew older, responsibility and distractions took hold but she never lost the love, passion, and memories that her grandparents farm gave her.

Now, a mother to two young daughters her desire and love for growing flowers, gardening, and creating beauty from nature has only gotten stronger and continually reconnects her to the scents and moments of years so long ago.

Ona Rose Floral Design is the culmination of her childhood adventures and adult dreams. She looks forward to making your journey part of her journey.